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What is a tact switch?What is the principle of the tact swi
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As one of the most common electronic switches,tact switches are widely used in household appliances and electronic equipments for they are small in size and light in weight.Blow is the definition and principle of the tact switch.

What is a tact switch?

A tact switch is an on/off  electronic switch that only has to be touched by an object to operate. It's the simplest kind of tactile sensor.They have a small footprint and come in many sizes.Tact switches have been used in a variety of applications such as audio-visual products,digital products, remote control, communications products, household appliances, security products, toys, computer products, fitness equipment, medical equipment, note pen, laser pen keys, etc.

What is the principle of the tact switch?

What's so amazing about small electronic components that can control the entire electrical equipment? Let's talk about the structure of a touch switch from the top down, panel, button, shrapnel, pedestal, pins, the button is the place that external force exerting force through the cover board,the shrapnel is the core component of a touch switch,the pin refers to the connection between the light touch switch and the circuit. There are five pins of a switch,two pins as a group, the fifth pin plays a role of grounding function.Four pins lead through as the force to the switch,four pins do not connect in pairs when there is no external force pressure,at this point the switch is closed.

There are many different kinds of tact switches,seal straight plunger type light touch switch;LED high insulation resistance type light touch switch;super long life flat light touch switch;short stroke patch type light touch switch;Lateral operating straight plug switch and more,and here offer you some famous brands of the touch switch,OTTO,Panasonic,ALPS,XKB,C&K,APEM,Well Buying.Here welcome anyone of you to recommend good brands or suppliers and hope more progress of switch technology.

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