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Since its establishment, XKB has been constantly striving for change and innovation in the premise of serving the society. IT has continuously launched new products in the field of electronic components, industrial equipment, and global IT industry, such as switches, sockets, connectors, stamping parts, etc.XKB believes that high-quality corporate governance is the best way to ensure the best performance of the company and balance the interests of all stakeholders. It is also our primary responsibility.The company attaches great importance to the prevention and reduction of workplace injuries and accidental incidents, in addition to fulfilling its statutory responsibilities, and constantly improving the performance of the environmental and safety management system.
In terms of business strategy, XKB vertically integrates with upstream and downstream suppliers and aligns with customer strategy to provide the best products and services.In the context of global village, in order to achieve sustainable operation and devote oneself to environmental protection, careful planning from product research and development, material selection, process improvement and packaging and shipment can become a model of green enterprises.In addition to its own efforts, the success of enterprises still needs the support of a peaceful society.Our company has been sparing no effort to help education and the vulnerable groups for a long time, and we also cooperate with other non-profit organizations to sponsor social welfare activities.

Corporate mission
   XKB:Xlt Knightly Brains
   XKB:Intend the star to be brilliant,if it is here.
        The topography of big,Hold world with virtue.
   Enterprise idea:
   Inspirational to be the world's best zero - component service provider!
   We are committed to building a global zero - component brand!
Contact us
    XKB Business window:
    Global free:400-888-7082
    Taiwan company:00886-277143841
    HongKong company::00852-63159866
    Dongguan company:0769-83077710
    Shenzhen company:0755-32914181
    Xiamen company:0592-3272242

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