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绿色环保 星坤公司的产品符合 RoHS

1、重金属: Heavy metal 
2、铅及其化合物( Lead and its Compounds ) 
3、镉及其化合物( Cadmium and its Compounds ) 
4、汞及其化合物 ( Mercury and its Compounds ) 
5、六价铬化合物(Chromium VI Compounds)
6、有机溴化物: Organic Bromide
7、多溴联苯( PBB )
8、多溴二苯醚( PBDE

一、星坤公司认可的检测机构:XKB ratify test dept,SGS、UL、CTI、ITS。

环境管理物质测试方法、测试仪器、和标准含量:RoHS manage material testmethod、test equipment & criterion contain帝克公司认可的检测机构

二、环保体系的管控:RoHS System Control


三、绿色环保 RoHS

绿色环保 RoHS

Corporate mission
   XKB:Xlt Knightly Brains
   XKB:Intend the star to be brilliant,if it is here.
        The topography of big,Hold world with virtue.
   Enterprise idea:
   Inspirational to be the world's best zero - component service provider!
   We are committed to building a global zero - component brand!
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